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Here are the common slot machine myths busted

The slot machines are the most popular:

Whether a novice or an experienced player will opt to play on one machine (at Grand Mondial Casino) for sure and that is the slot machine. It is by far the most popular in any casino whether it is a land based or an online one. Its popularity may also stem from the fact that it is the easiest to understand and to play.

Having said that, a lot of myths associated with the slots regularly come up if you are in conversation with a player. A lot of players do not really understand the source but these myths like they will warrant are from hear say. Herein in this article, let us take the most common myths and try and bust them also trying to understand what is the reality in contrast.

Myth#1: slot machines are programmed to be on a winning or a losing streak:

Nothing is farther from truth than this. Definitely, the slots are never ever programmed to go on a winning or a losing streak. Every spin is [programmed to be a random one and it may coincidentally happen that the machine is consistently giving out winning combinations or on a bad day the combinations reels just don’t pay

Myth#2: it’s a good idea to keep playing on a slot that has not paid in a long time.

Reiterating the previous myth, one can never ever be sure of the time and pretext when the slot will pay. They will pay but they are programmed so that every spin is only random and nothing less or more than that.

Myth#3: once the slot delivers a jackpot, it will remain dormant for too long now.

The slot machines are not programmed in a way that the previous spin can influence the subsequent spins in any way. Let me again repeat this. Each individual spin is random and there is no programming whatsoever done to influence the result of the previous or the next spin.

Myth#4: there are no ways of improving the chances of winning at the slots.

Actually, there are a lot of ways to improve your chance of winning at the slots. Even though there is nothing that you can directly improve your chances at the slots, you could choosing the right type of slot machine for yourself. Since the slots pay out based on the stake to carefully chose your stake so that the slots can pay you out the maximum and you do well at them.

Alternatively, in a land based casino you can make use of a players card and in an zodiac casino review you can use the bonus cards. Since both of them cannot directly help you win at the slots, what they can do alternatively for you is that they can give you the chance for some extra spins which could drastically improve your chance for a winning chance.

Myth#5: avoid the loyalty card like plague.

Why would anyone do that and why on earth can someone even believe in that. The taxonomy itself says that it is a loyalty card and the card is intended to be beneficial to you and a gratuitous gift to you for being a loyalist. What the loyalty card has within depends on the card but there are definitely some goodies there to take home and enjoy while at the casino.

Myth#6: want to win then don’t push the button.

This is absurd but yes a lot many people think that pulling of the lever is more auspicious and can bring fortune swifter than when you push a button. The outcome of the slot is not determined by the way that slot is spun. Period.

Myth#7: go to the machines in the remotest corner.

This is the most weirdest superstition heard ever. If the slots that played well were kept in dark corners who do think they would be fooling. The machines that give out higher pay outs and big bonuses are always kept in the busiest of places of the casino so that the people get curious when they see others playing and winning o them.

Myth#8: heat the coin before hitting it in to the slots:

Again the most hilarious and the most bizarre superstition is heating the coin before feeding it in the slots. Come on, there must be some logic. The machines are very advanced ad there is no way for it to check the temperature of the coin warm enough and then determine the pay out of that person.


With all the most popular myths busted, there is now no reason for you to be paranoid about the winning nor be hopeless about not winning. Technology and the right dash of luck should do the trick. Here’s wishing you luck!