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The Company

The Company

We are a company that manufactures slot machines since four decades. Our plant is situated in North America whereas most of our research is carried out from our faculty in Australian city of Sydney. Our marketing agencies are spread across the globe and our head offices are present in all five continent of the world.

We have been consistently associated with delivering quality:

In our business history spanning forty years, we have been the king manufacturers of the slot machines and other paraphernalia that are required by all the land based casinos. We have been recipients of several quality certifications and we are proud to say that we are always associated with the best in the industry practices.

The amount of research and development that we put in and the effort and the hard work of all our partners and our associates is evident from the fact that for the last thirty five years we have been consistently ranked at number one position in the manufacturing of the accrual slot machine.

First machine:

The first machine that our company launched was in the year 1976. The family owned business was listed in the public stock exchange in the same year and it has been a lucrative option for investment at the stock exchange for the last so many years.

Our licenses:

We are a licensed manufacturer and distributors of our brand of slot machines in more than 150 jurisdictions of the worlds and are proud to say that every year we are increasing our portfolio by leaps and bounds and challenging ourselves to growth that is unprecedented and unheard of in our own field.

We thank our customers for trusting us immensely:

We shall fail our duty to thank our loyal customers who have been our best wishers and friends in our journey of success. Without their partnership and immense trust in our acumen and our vision we would definitely not been where we are today. We can definitely not take all the credit for ourselves. Infact, our customers have catapulted our success and we are proud to be associated with them.